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“To Navigate:  setting in motion some responses to this pandemic and change”


Phase-I is a video installation on the facade of the Artist’s residence in Delhi, projected from the balcony, for 7 evenings starting March 8, 2021.  The projections will change everyday and work created from the 3 geographies over most of 2020 will be shown.

Live documentation of viewers and passers-by engaging with the installation during this phase will be pieced together for phase-2, which will eventually spin into further artworks.

Venue:  The space is in South Delhi in a locality called S block, Greater Kailash-1, it is an old house from the 60s, white with a brown gate – with lots of trees and a bamboo covered boundary wall.  It should be easy to spot as the style, scale and aesthetic of the house is now an anomaly in the fast moving busy commercial and residential area of “G.K-1”


The house is situated on the busy main road, Opposite M block market and abutting a construction site, witnessing many passers-by and dense vehicular traffic.

Day 1

Chale Island - deep time

26th October, 7:45 am EAT


deep time is a fragmented slow and true motion video of the tide coming in on Chale Island, Kenya, one morning in late October.


deep time is part fantasy and part reality. It represents a blurring of lines between what is living and the divine/ a utopian force.  In geologic time, the humans have become the force, the agents of an unknown that is greater than ourselves.  


The work is played in a loop of 60 minutes.

“ ‘To Navigate’ is my response to this period in time, developed over several months and drawn from personal circumstances that have involved essential travel between 3 continents - Asia, Europe and Africa, moving homes and trying to hold on to routine and plans. The work developed has been in-situ and site specific, deriving material and form from the site/ or ‘home’ at the time." - Himani Gupta

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